Host Jane Lynch will kick off the first episode of the worldwide global phenom “Weakest Link” when the show debuts Monday, Sept. 28. The new version will deliver the fast-paced and quick-witted pillars of the original British format distributed by BBC Studios with a few modern twists. The hybrid game show sees contestants answer general knowledge questions to bank prize money across multiple rounds. At the end of each round, the contestants vote out who they perceive to be the “Weakest Link” remaining. 

We caught up with Jane Lynch to talk about the latest installment of the cult classic and why it will be a welcome distraction, the sudden passing of her former costar and friend Naya Rivera and if she’s coming back for season 4 of Maisel TV.

Eight strangers enter a high stakes game where they must work together as a team to bank the maximum amount of prize money possible over seven rounds of rapid-fire trivia. At the end of each suspenseful round, it’s every man for himself as players vote to eliminate the fellow contestant they consider to be the “Weakest Link.” Only one champion will be left standing at the end of the game to take home up to $1 million dollars in prize money, having escaped hearing the famous last words, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”