Disney’s Frozen 2 Goes Digital!


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The Moment all Frozen 2 Fans have been waiting for….. Frozen 2 Goes Digital today!!!If you haven’t had a chance to see Disney’s latest installment of Frozen 2, here’s your chance along with bonus songs and never before seen scenes.

Frozen 2 picks up exactly where Frozen 1 left off and takes us on Elsa, Anna’s, Christop’s and Sven’s Journey.

The relationship between sisters Elsa and Anna is front and center in this movie, along with the story of their parents and family history. Which ultimately leads to their self-discovery and uncovering of family secrets.

There were many intricate details that went into making this film come alive from animation to screen, and not to mention the immense pressure to be better than the first. Frozen 2 delivers, with even more big ballads, new characters, messaging and more.

Recently sat down with the directors to talk the success of Frozen 2 and more , and when asked if we would be getting a Frozen 3, I was told not so fast.

Understandably so, Frozen 2 is the highest grossing animated film ever, and that wasn’t done overnight. I guess we just have to wait it out and see if we get a Frozen 3, but in the mean time Frozen Fans can watch it as many times as they would like from the comforts of their home, phones and computers.


-Elsa (Show Yourself)

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