Jayland Walker: 25-Year-Old Black Man Gunned Down By Akron Police

A 25-year-old black man was struck by at least 60 bullets by Akron police following a chase early Monday morning. Eight police officers reportedly shot at him more than 90 times as they attempted to pull him over for a traffic infraction and equipment issue.

The young man reportedly fled the scene and shot at the police officers before he got out of his vehicle. When the police gunned down him, he had no weapon in his possession. Later, investigators revealed they found a gun in the young man’s car.

The WKYC has reported that police fired some of their last shots at the man when his body was already on the pavement. By the time medical help arrived to help he was already dead laying on the ground. An autopsy report confirmed that he was handcuffed after the shooting.

Jayland Walker has been identified as the 25-year-old black man that was gunned down by police. He reportedly had no criminal record. Walker only has received a speeding ticket in the past.

The Akron police are currently receiving backlash from the public due to the amount of gunfire they used on this young man. They expect to receive a massive protest when they release the body camera footage in the coming days.

Walker’s family and counsel recently held a press conference about the incident.

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