A Minnesota gym teacher caught on surveillance video throwing a hockey stick at an eight-year boy during gym class on March 28th is currently making its rounds on social media.

In the video, it appears the little boy threw a hockey stick on the ground instead of putting it back where he got it from which caused the teacher to pick up the hockey stick to throw it at him.

The teacher has been identified as Kim Neubauer, who resigned from her position after the incident caused the little boy to lose a tooth. Easton Johnson has been identified as the eight-year-old boy, according to Fox 9. The teacher has officially retired after 27 years, many speculate she decided so she could receive her full pension.

The Minnesota Department of Education found in their investigation that the teacher’s actions were not accidental and that she intentionally threw the stick at him. They also revealed that Princeton police will not investigate the incident.

Johnson’s parents claim their child struggles with anxiety since the incident.