Professor Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper aka Saweetie brought the icy back to USC last week. The USC alumni went back to her alma mater to teach a business communication class.

Tomás Mier from People Magazine broke the news to social media on Monday. Mier says, “Students in a USC entrepreneurship class had a special guest today: Saweetie! She talked about the power of empathy, storytelling and meditation.”

Albert Napoli was also Saweetie’s professor in a business class for non-majors.

“I saw in her the drive and focus that entrepreneurs have,” he told Mier for a Daily Trojan feature in 2019. “She had this passion, this drive. I knew exactly what kind of direction she needed.”

Check out this clip from her class session:

Saweetie has her own McDonald’s meal, a MAC Ambassador, edge control, nail polish, and her own lifestyle curriculum channel utilizing her degree in Communications from USC. We hope those students took notes.