Late Actor Angus Cloud’s Estate Faces Financial Disputes with Creditors

Late Actor Angus Cloud's Estate Faces Financial Disputes with Creditors

The late actor Angus Cloud is embroiled in financial difficulties, with creditors chasing payments from his estate. Court filings show that several lenders are claiming thousands of dollars due by Cloud, prompting legal action to recoup unpaid obligations.

Verizon Wireless is among the companies seeking recompense, stating that Cloud spent $4,282.70 on purchases and goods before his tragic death in July of last year. Verizon has sued Cloud’s mother, Lisa Cloud, who serves as the estate’s sole executor.

Furthermore, Diomi Cordero, Cloud’s former manager, has filed a separate lawsuit against the estate, claiming an unpaid commission of $94,770. Cordero claims that Cloud broke their contract by stopping commission payments in 2022 without justification. He claims that he had a key role in negotiating significant deals for Cloud with well-known brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, and Zara.

Cordero goes on to say, “[Cloud] had a record of making numerous commission payments until he ceased making such payments with no basis.” Despite attempts to resolve the situation with Cloud’s legal staff, no agreement was reached. Cordero maintains that he deserved his commission, even after Cloud’s death.

J.P. Morgan Chase filed a lawsuit against Cloud’s estate in November, citing an outstanding credit card account totaling $9,056.11. The outcome of this litigation has yet to be disclosed.

The posthumous financial difficulties encountered by Angus Cloud’s estate serve as a reminder of the complexity that can surface even after a public figure’s death, leaving court disputes that continue to play out.

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