According to Yahoo’s Chris Haynes, King James is letting his new teammate wear No. 23 in the upcoming Lakers season, fueling speculation that LeBron will bring back No. 6. Meanwhile, Davis is waiving his $4M trade kicker, giving the Lakers a max slot, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

If the Lakers think I’m going to spend over $350 on 3 new jerseys, they are absolutely right. LeBron giving up his No. 23 to Anthony Davis with the Lakers, it seems safe to say that LeBron and AD should rank 1-2 in jersey sales next season, unless, of course, Zion steps in.

LeBron James pulled off one the best trades this off-season: Anthony Davis gets James’ No. 23 and a role alongside him in Space Jam 2. Davis waives his trade bonus, allowing James to go out and recruit another max player.