The Kansas City Police Department is facing a lot of backlash after an officer shot an unarmed pregnant black woman 5 times. The situation occurred because the police spotted a vehicle that was reported stolen in a Family Dollar parking lot with two suspects inside of it, according to KCTV 5.

The man in the driver seat fled the vehicle and was chased by two officers and the female passenger got out of the vehicle with her hands up. The Kansas City Defender reported that the woman was told to get down on the ground but stated that she couldn’t because she was pregnant. The woman even told police that there was a gun in the vehicle. When the woman started to back up against a fence the officers drew their weapons. She began to run away from the officers and was shot 5 times by Kansas City police officers.

Leonna Hale has been identified as the unarmed pregnant woman that was shot 5 times by police officers. An eyewitness recorded a video of the aftermath of Hale being shot by police officers.

Hale was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be investigating the case due to protocol.