In an exposé from The Daily Beast, eight women recounted experiences of alleged mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Max Landis, the son of director John Landis. This is not the first time Max Landis has been accused of harassment and abuse.

One woman says she walked in on Max Landis raping her friend while she was passed out. They filed a police report in Miami and went to a court hearing, where Landis’ lawyer allegedly pressured the accuser into not pursuing the case. Max Landis would pressure women into starving themselves. Some of his associates described him as acting like a “cult leader,” like Charles Mansion.

Max Landis allegedly kept a list of every woman he’d had sex with. “At the top was a key he had made to rank each experience as enjoyable or not, exciting or not, etc… He scrolled to the bottom and showed me my name, with his rankings next to it.”

IMDb has Max Landis attached to a Pepe Le Pew project in development. That isn’t funny, it’s disgusting and a sign of how toxic and tone-deaf the industry can be.

No one ‘has to’ give him writing work. It’s not even “is he good”, he does not deserve the privilege of the work.

I hope Max Landis’s career is finally over so women in the industry can be safe from him, but it’s grim to realize just HOW MUCH evidence is required to make an impact.

Only a handful of powerful Hollywood abusers have suffered real consequences, and they all had monstrous reputations already. So many others will be protected just by having a “nicer” public image.