R. Kelly ordered to be held without bond in Chicago

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R. Kelly bond hearing starting. Federal prosecutors are in court arguing Kelly is an “extreme danger to his community” and should be detained.

Prosecutor says gov has 3 videos depicting “sadomasochistic abuse” of a 14-year-old girl.

Prosecutor also accuses Kelly of “extensive history of obstruction of justice” involving threats. “This risk of obstruction is real,” AUSA Angel Krull says.

“It hasn’t just magically gone away,” Krull says of Kelly’s alleged attraction to young girls.

Anticipating defense atty will argue Kelly is not a flight risk based on past court appearances, Krull says, “The stakes have significantly changed.”

She also says other options like electronic monitoring/home detention would not mitigate the risk for what she alleges is Kelly’s obstructing of justice through threats and “hush money.” Defense atty Steve Greenberg is up.

Greenberg says Kelly turned in his passport which “didn’t have one stamp in it.” Unlike famous song, Kelly “doesn’t fly,” Greenberg says. He drives to concerts. Greenberg argues that Kelly was facing “extraordinarily serious charges” in the state case that spanned 2002 to 2008 and to his knowledge didn’t miss any court dates.

Greenberg references Surviving R Kelly doc: “I don’t really think it was a documentary but they call it that.”

“They argue he’s a flight risk when every single time he has voluntarily appeared,” Greenberg argues. Greenberg also arguing that Kelly has no money to “flee on.”

Now Greenberg turns to allegation that R Kelly is a danger to minors. He says all allegations but one date back to 90s. “The fact that it’s been two decades since the allegations shows he isn’t (a danger),” Greenberg says.

Greenberg says Kelly “can’t read or write” so it would be difficult to go over discovery with him while he is locked up. It’s “perfectly appropriate” for Kelly to return home, Greenberg says, and “commensurate with presumption of innocence.”

Judge Leinenweber now on deck, saying the child porn charge has “presumption of detention.” Leinenweber denies motion for bond.

Kelly is now being arraigned. He has entered a plea of not guilty.

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