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Are you quarantined and looking for something new and fresh to watch tonight with the family, well we’ve got you covered. NBC’s latest family drama Council of Dads inspired by the book and true story of Writer Bruce Feiler follows a group of dads who are assembled by their friend and father of 5 Scott Perry to care for his family when he falls ill. Because as the old saying goes it takes a village to raise a family. Where is the Buzz recently talked to two of the shows stars J. August Richards and Michele Weaver about Council of Dads and what viewers should expect.

J. August Richards, who many may know from Angel and Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but did you know his first tv role was on The Cosby Show also on NBC. J. talks about how he almost talked himself out of his audition. He describes having a ball of nerves while walking in to audition for Council of Dads. Richards has been acting for 20 plus years and he had come to a place of, if this doesn’t work he would just go and teach like his mom. Thankfully his nerves were put to ease and he eventually landed the role of Dr. Oliver Post, and the rest is History. J. says “Council Of Dads is all about family and showing up for that family”. J. August who plays Dr. Oliver Post an Oncologist and friend to the Perry’s, is apart of the assembled group of Dads tasked with caring for the Perry kids. The show will dive into his character and unpack his own childhood and why he’s so willing and at the ready to care for his friends children. This story will lead to the discovery of his character coming into himself and embracing who he is as well as his thriving relationship with husband played by Clive Standen.

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Michele Weaver, from Own’s Love Is plays Luly Perry the oldest of the Perry bunch. Luly is an ambitious writer with big plans for herself, she is just getting her life started when suddenly she is faced with a sudden loss. Should she put her dreams on hold to be their for her family during this transition or can she navigate both Family and Dreams. This is an unpredictable period for Luly and her family. The show will follow Luly as she carves out a new normal for herself and those she loves. Michele says Council of Dads is a show that focuses on forgiveness, it will provide encouragement especially during a time of uncertainty for so many and it gives hope.

Council of Dads airs Tuesday Night immediately following the ”This Is Us” season finale. When asked of the comparison of the two shows; J. August says ”this is not This is Us, the show is different in many ways and viewers will see”.

Ashley Dunn