Netflix announced on Monday, May 8th, that the third season of the Brazilian program Good Morning, Verônica has already started filming.

Rodrigo Santoro has joined the series’ main cast, adding even more strength to the successful production. Maitê Proença, known for her outstanding work in theater, movies, and television, will also appear in the new episodes of the series, marking her Netflix debut.

Santoro appears in an exclusive video alongside Tainá Muller, Klara Castanho, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Maitê Proença, and the series’ general director, José Henrique Fonseca.

In addition to the protagonists and new characters, the audience will see Camila Márdila, Adriano Garib, Ester Dias, Liza Del Dala, Alice Valverde, César Mello, DJ Amorim, and Johnnas Oliva, who appeared in the first and second seasons.

Raphael Montes created the series based on a book he co-wrote with Ilana Casoy. Along with Eduardo Pop, Fonseca, Montes, and Casoy serve as executive producers.