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Netflix Top 10: ‘Who Is Erin Carter? and ‘The Monkey King’ Claim the #1 Spots

by Talia M.
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Who is Erin Carter? Viewers were eager to discover her identity, which propelled the new limited thriller series about a British expat schoolteacher living in Spain to the top of the English TV list with 13.2M views.

The documentary series Depp V. Heard had a strong second week, securing the #2 spot with 8.3M views, while Painkiller moved down to #3 with 5.6M views.

This week, new nonfiction series made their debut on the list, with Untold: Swamp Kings ranking at #4 with 5M views and The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On Season 2 claiming the #5 spot with 3.6M views. Season 2 of the comedy series My Dad The Bounty Hunter returned at #10 with 1.7M views.

The remaining spots on the list were filled by returning favorites, with At Home With The Furys Season 1 at #6 with 3M views, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 at #8 with 1.9M views, and Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 8 at #9 with 1.8M views.

The Monkey King, an animated film featuring Jimmy O. Yang and Bowen Yang, achieved first place on the English Films list in its second week. It garnered 14.4 million views this week and reached the top spot in 93 countries.

Heart of Stone, a spy action-thriller starring Gal Gadot, Jame Dornan, and Alia Bhatt, secured second place with 13.6 million views. In just three weeks since its release, the movie has accumulated a total of 81.9 million views.

Adam Sandler’s comedy, You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, made its debut at number three, earning 12.3 million views. It currently holds a certified fresh score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Korea once again had an impressive performance on the non-English TV list. The K-drama Mask Girl secured the top spot with 7.4 million views, followed by the romantic comedy Destined with You Season 1 debuting at #4 with 3.5 million views. Behind Your Touch claimed the #9 spot with 1.7 million views.

Additionally, all three seasons of the Norwegian fantasy series Ragnarok made the list, with Season 3 debuting at #2 (6.5 million views), Season 1 at #6 (2.2 million views), and Season 2 at #8 (1.8 million views).

The remaining spots on the list were dominated by returning favorites, including Mexico’s coming-of-age supernatural adventure The Chosen One Season 1 at #3 (4 million views), Japan’s anime Baki Hanma Season 2 at #5 (2.4 million views), and India’s drama Guns & Gulaabs Season 1 at #7 (2.2 million views).

The Brazilian true crime documentary A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case regained its position at the top of the Non-English Films list, ranking #1 with 5.3M views.

New additions to the list included the Polish romance Squared Love Everlasting, which secured the #2 spot with 5.1M views, and the Spanish horror film Killer Book Club at #3 with 3.9M views.

Other popular films that made a comeback were the Turkish drama 10 Days of a Bad Man, ranking #4 with 3.5M views, the German dystopian thriller Paradise at #5 with 1.6M views, the Spanish film noir Xtreme landing at #6 with 1.3M views.

Additionally, the Japanese black comedy Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead claimed the #8 spot with 0.9M views, and the Turkish romance Make Me Believe rounded off the list at #10 with 0.8M views.

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