‘THE FLASH’ will be released in theaters next month, and the cast has already begun promoting it around the world.

During the Latin America press conference, which was attended by Sasha Calle, Andy and Barbara Muschietti, and Maribel Verd, the actress behind Supergirl revealed some intriguing new details about ‘THE FLASH’ film.

Upon being questioned about whether she had spoken to any actors or actresses who had played Superman or Supergirl, Calle admitted that she had, both with Melissa Benoist and Henry Cavill. As reported by Hablemos de Cine, she also stated that ‘Man of Steel’ star had already seen the film and enjoyed it.

Henry Cavill joins a long list of celebrities who have seen ‘THE FLASH,’ including Tom Cruise, Stephen King, Jaden Smith, Terry Crews, and Edgar Wright.

The former Superman was among the actors who were rumored to make a quick cameo in ‘THE FLASH,’ but his appearance would not have been included because the movie will serve as a soft reboot of the DC Universe canon to introduce James Gunn’s new universe, and he is not a part of it.