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Netflix Unveils Rom-Com Delight: Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won Shine in ‘Queen of Tears’ by ‘Crash Landing on You’ Writer

by Talia M.
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Netflix’s 2024 romantic comedy, Queen of Tears which premieres March 9th, welcomes you on a thrilling love journey.

With a great cast led by Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, and driven by the narrative prowess of Park Ji-Eun, the acclaimed author of Crash Landing on You, this series unfolds inside the competitive world of corporate intrigue, presenting a riveting story of love, resilience, and transformation. Don’t miss this year’s spectacular romantic spectacle.

1) Power Dynamics and Romance: The Intriguing Character and Story of Queen of Tears

The character posters for Queen of Tears reveal an intriguing interplay between the power couple Baek Hyeon-u and Hong Hae-in, implying their extraordinary qualities and complex connection. Hong Hae-in’s assurance of unwavering support contrasts with Baek Hyeon-u’s mistrust, revealing a nuanced depiction of trust and power dynamics.

The series teases an intriguing tale with distinct characters, with “Queen” and “Her Man” representing a reversal of traditional roles, piquing interest in the depths of their connection.

The anticipated romantic synergy between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, both recognized stars of romantic comedy, promises a captivating investigation of love and authority inside a marriage, distinguishing Queen of Tears as a unique and appealing story. 

2) Alpha team of amazing actors and hit-maker writer 

Queen of Tears is set to receive a lot of affection from fans thanks to the involvement of industry titans. The script was written by famed writer Park Ji-Eun, known for Crash Landing on You and Hallyu Syndrome creator.

My Love from the Star, paired with the innovative directing of Jang Young-Woo and Kim Hee-Won (of Vincenzo and Little Women renown), creates great expectations. Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, My Love from the Star) and Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun, Lovestruck in the City, Fight for My Way) will star in the series, known for their dynamic roles and captivating on-screen presence, promising a portrayal of characters that will strike a deep chord with audiences. 

3) The ‘must-watch’ Rom-com of the Year

The series promises an emotional rollercoaster, as wonderfully represented in the teaser trailer, in which Kim Soo Hyun poignantly exclaims, “Why are you so beautiful to me?” indicating a rekindling of love for Kim Ji Won. Their relationship shifts from highly emotional to comically belligerent, demonstrating their path from confrontation to rediscovery of love. The fascinating language and chemistry between the characters suggest a plot full of both laughs and heartfelt moments, breaking the conventions of classic romantic narratives.

Queen of Tears reimagines the love-hate relationship narrative within the setting of marriage, providing a new take on romantic rekindling. This series invites viewers to explore the complexity of love and the road back to it, all set against the backdrop of high society and corporate intrigue. Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event, exclusively available on Netflix in March.

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