Reese: The Next Big Thing Out Of Memphis

Memphis breed singer Reese is trying to make her mark in the music industry this year. She recently just dropped her new music video for her new single “So Alive”, which showcases her unique electric style and laid-back vocals.

The singer’s passion for music started at an early age which she then began singing and songwriting. Growing up she would participate in numerous of talent shows and showcases. Reese compares her style to the singer Kelis with a mixture of 90’s R&B.

Reese released her first studio project in 2014 which was labeled, Nostalgic. She then later released a couple more singles labeled “Waiting” and “4 pgs. Now the R&B artist is gearing up for her first EP in which she plans to release in this spring.

In your, “So Alive” music video you seem to be happy and you’re truly just being yourself. Is that the message you want to relay to your fans? Reese: Absolutely! Most times you’ll always find me somewhere laughing or smiling. So as I was shooting my video, the happiness you saw came natural to me. I don’t want my supporters to view me as the mean girl because I truly give off good vibes Coming from Memphis, a place that produced a lot of great musicians. Do you put more pressure on yourself to be a great talent because you’re from Memphis? Reese: I would say I put a lot of pressure on myself in general. No matter where I’m coming from I wanna be able to put out great music. I want people to listen to my song and say “oh shit I’ve been through that or I’m going through that right now!” I wanna help people through music and I want them to feel it in a way that I do. What makes you different from other artist in music today? Reese: I would say what sets me apart from other artists is that I’m completely being myself. In this day and age it’s so popular to be like everyone else by following trends and stealing people’s sound. I can’t lie the industry can be kinda weird sometimes lol but my perspective and views I have for myself are quite unique. I write music based on how I’m feeling and wear what describes my mood for the day. I never fake the funk because I can only be Reese. If you could work with 5 artist that’s dead or alive who would you want to work with and why? Reese: Wow it’s so many awesome artists, but I’ll have to say Tank, Kevin McCall, Sia, Anita Baker, and Bryan Michael Cox. Now I know you’re thinking man your line up is crazy lol but they’re all dope lyricist. No matter what song you’ve heard of theirs it’s always a captivating story with great background vocals. Those are the type of people I want to connect with. A lot of people see the success but don’t see the work behind the scenes leading up to the success. Can you explain your daily routine and the grind leading up to your success? Reese: Well first things first I pray. I keep God first in everything that I do. He’s the reason I make it to vocal lessons, I train my body to get fit, I put in those extra hours at the studio, and for me to be able to pay out of pocket for everything that I need. One thing about the road to success is that it’s not cheap nor is it friendly. So as long as I keep him first I’m able to make shit happen. What can people expect from your new EP that’s going to drop in the Spring? Reese: So I’m leaning towards the title of my EP to be called “The Breakout Box” because it’s literally me stepping onto the scene. I plan on having some dope features and play around with different sounds! I’m all about a vibe and a smooth one at that, so I’m definitely making some songs you can ride to. Check out more music from Reese on her soundcloud. Follow Reese on all of her social media platforms. Instagram: Reese Twitter: Reese

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