Ricardo Mendez and Antanita Miller Charged With Murder For Allegedly Killing Their 1 Year Old Son

The parents of 1-year-old Jamari Mendez had charges filed by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office for alleged killing and abusing their son.

27-year-old Ricardo Mendez and 24-year-old Antanita Miller have been identified as Jamari parents. Their son’s body was found in the back of their vehicle lifeless by Ricardo Mendez family members when he made an unexpected visit to his family home in Pomona. Ricardo and Antanita traveled all the way from Barstow.

The two were arrested on last Monday after their son’s body was pronounced dead in a hospital in Pomona, California. Medical staff noticed many injuries on the young boy’s body. They determined that Jamari likely died from the injuries before he was brought to the hospital in Pomona.

The Pomona Police were called to the hospital to be informed that the boy had obvious signs of trauma such as “lesions, bruising, and burn marks.”

Miller eventually made her way down to the hospital to see her son but was detained by Pomona police when she arrived. Mendez never went to the hospital but was picked up by police in Pomona.

Pomona Police Department informed Barstow Police Department about the situation which ultimately led to search warrants to find evidence in the couple’s vehicle and home in Barstow. Investigators found evidence that police believe was used in the abuse of the child.

Mendez and Miller were both booked and now face murder charges. The couple is being held without bail and their arraignment is set for 5/4 at Victorville Courthouse.

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