A Fl suspected race soldier “deputy” Aaron Blais tried to do another one of these racial ambush killings on an innocent Black man. The “deputy” deliberately escalated the situation as a way to justify killing the victim. Luckily the victim drove off which prevented the execution.

A Seminole County (Florida) Sherriff’s deputy was dragged nearly 100 yards when conducting a traffic stop. Deputy Blais was treated and released at the hospital yesterday for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect, Rocky Rudolph Jr, is now in custody and will be charged for attempted murder.

Rocky Rudolph denied bond today on the charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer after he allegedly dragged a deputy with his car during a traffic stop Saturday.

Rocky Rudolph Jr. will stand trial for attempted murder. The DA could never get 12 jurors to convict him if the jury pool included people who have been exposed to police harassment. Rocky Rudolph made a life saving decision.