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Ronnie Vint: Semi-Professional Footballer Set to Stir Up Love Island Series 11

by Sarah M. Stone
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The much-anticipated eleventh series of Love Island begins today, with a fresh batch of singles stepping into the iconic villa in search of romance and adventure. Among the new Islanders is Ronnie Vint, a 27-year-old semi-professional footballer from South East London, who’s ready to swap the pitch for paradise.

Why Love Island and Why Now?

For Ronnie, timing is everything. “I’ve always thought about Love Island, but now I’m 27 it feels like the right age for me to be serious about finding someone and settling down,” he shares. With a focus on long-term commitment, Ronnie is entering the villa with the hope of finding a meaningful connection.

Bringing Fun and Energy to the Villa

Ronnie is confident about the positive vibes he’ll bring to the group. “I’m a fun, bubbly person looking for a good time so I’m confident that I’ll get on really well with everyone and can hopefully find a nice girl whilst I’m at it,” he says. His lively personality is set to be a hit among his fellow Islanders and viewers alike.

Why Ronnie is a Catch

When asked what makes him a standout, Ronnie modestly credits his appearance. “I always get told I’ve got a nice smile and I’m tall which goes down well with the girls,” he laughs. His infectious smile and athletic build certainly add to his charm.

A Quirky Fact

If there’s one quirky fact Ronnie wants his new friends to know, it’s his unusual culinary habit. “I love Mayonnaise, I have it on everything I eat, even a roast dinner. The only thing I don’t have it on is cereal,” he reveals with a grin. This fun fact is sure to spark some interesting conversations in the villa.

The Single Life

Reflecting on his single status, Ronnie explains, “I’ve had two serious relationships in the past but more recently have enjoyed being single and doing my own thing as I’ve been focused on my football career. I’ve got to the age where I want to find the right person I can build a life with.”

Family and Friends’ Take on Ronnie

Describing how his loved ones see him, Ronnie says, “Fun and bubbly but miserable if I’ve not got my mayo.” His family-oriented nature and caring personality are qualities he hopes to find in a partner.

Ideal Partner

When it comes to what he’s looking for, Ronnie is clear: “I want someone that’s family orientated, caring and career-minded. Lookwise, I like blondes with nice boobs but am partial to a brunette too.”

Claim to Fame

Ronnie’s close ties with footballer Bradley Dack and his partner Olivia add a touch of celebrity to his profile. “Bradley Dack is my best friend and he and Olivia are a big part of my life. I call Olivia my big little sister, she always looks out for me,” he shares.

Dream Celebrities in the Villa

If Ronnie could choose any celebrities to join him, his picks reflect his fun-loving nature. “Ricky Gervais would be a good laugh, he’s a funny guy. I’d also like Margot Robbie for the eye candy, I’d like to try my luck with her. I’d want Gordon Ramsay in there too to make me some nice food because all I can make is a toastie,” he jokes.

As the new series of Love Island kicks off, all eyes will be on Ronnie Vint and his fellow Islanders to see who sparks a connection and who stirs up the drama. With his charm, humor, and distinctive love of mayonnaise, Ronnie is set to make a memorable entrance into the villa.

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