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SAG-AFTRA STRIKE: Rules, Interviews, and More

by Wayne Ayers

Following a fiery speech by SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher criticizing the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for its perceived greed and refusal to negotiate with the guild, the Screen Actors Guild went on strike on July 13th.

SAG-AFTRA members are fighting for better pay and working conditions. In terms of pay, many actors do not receive residuals and cannot rely on royalty payments, even if their show or movie is performing exceptionally well on streaming services.

SAG members are also concerned about studios using artificial intelligence to recreate an actor’s likeness or performance, which has been a point of contention during negotiations. SAG members are demanding guarantees on how studios and production companies will use AI, but AMPTP is reportedly refusing to budge on the issue.

SAG-AFTRA Strike Guidelines:

The National Board has declared a strike of all covered services under the Producer – SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement and SAG-AFTRA Television Agreements and their related agreements (“TV/Theatrical Contracts”) and instructs all SAG-AFTRA members to cease rendering all services and performing all work covered by the TV/Theatrical Contracts. The strike extends to productions covered by any of the following agreements, effective at 12:01 AM Pacific Time, July 14, 2023:

● Producer-SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement
● SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement (includes New Media)
● SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement for High Budget Original or Derivative Programs
● Special New Media Agreements
● Low Budget Theatrical Agreement (LBA)
● Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA)
● Ultra Low Budget Project Agreement (UPA)

Members may be able to work on projects produced by non-AMPTP-related production companies under these agreements if such projects qualify for an Interim Agreement.

A list of projects adhered to an Interim Agreement can be found here. Except as set forth in the Notice to Members Regarding Non-Struck Work, ALL COVERED SERVICES AND PERFORMING WORK UNDER THE TV/THEATRICAL CONTRACTS MUST BE WITHHELD, including, but not limited to:

● Principal on-camera work, such as:
○ Acting
○ Singing
○ Dancing
○ Performing stunts
○ Piloting on-camera aircraft
○ Puppeteering
○ Performance capture or motion capture work;
● Principal off-camera work, such as:
○ ADR/Looping
○ TV Trailers (promos) and Theatrical Trailers
○ Voice Acting
○ Singing
○ Narration, including audio descriptive services except as the services may be
covered by another collective bargaining agreement referred in the Notice to
Members Regarding Non-Struck Work
○ Stunt coordinating and related services
● Background work

● Stand-in work
● Photo and/or body doubles
● Fittings, wardrobe tests, and makeup tests
● Rehearsals and camera tests
● Scanning
● Interviews and auditions (including via self-tape)
● Promotion of/publicity services for work under the TV/Theatrical Contracts, such as:
○ Tours
○ Personal appearances
○ Interviews
○ Conventions
○ Fan expos
○ Festivals
○ For your consideration events
○ Panels
○ Premieres/screenings
○ Award shows
○ Junkets
○ Podcast appearances
○ Social media
○ Studio showcases
● Negotiating and/or entering into and/or consenting to:
○ An agreement to perform covered services in the future
○ Any new agreement related to merchandising connected to a covered project
○ The creation and use of digital replicas, including through the reuse of prior work
● Performing on a trailer for a struck production or other ancillary content connected to a struck production

To ensure compliance with the rule to withhold all covered services, members who are also employed in non-performing capacities should consult with SAG-AFTRA by emailing SAGAFTRAstrike@sagaftra.org. To the extent prohibited under applicable law, SAG-AFTRA will not discipline members for purely non-covered work done in other non-performing capacities.

Variety has compiled a list of how the SAG-AFTRA Strike rules affect influencers, journalists, cosplayers, and other individuals. You can find it here.

What do SAG Members have to say about the protest?

Throughout this protest, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some SAG members. Take a look at the interviews below.

‘Good Trouble’ Stars Cierra Ramirez and Josh Pence Talk SAG Strike

Aisha Tyler Talks About SAG-AFTRA Strike and Bob Iger’s Comments

Please check back daily for new updates on the SAG Strike and interviews with their members.

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