Arizona Senators Krysten Sinema voted NO for the $15 increase in the minimum wage on the Senate floor today!

Sinema brought a cake to the senate floor. Some say she brought the cake for Senate floor staff who had worked late into the night and others believe she’s paying homage to Marie Antoinette, who she appears to be trying her best to emulate.

This is how Senator Krysten Sinema (D), who makes a $174,000 base salary (paid for by us, taxpayers) voted against a $15 minimum wage.

It has been reported that over 839k people in Arizona make under $15 an hour.

These are the other Democratic Senators that joined Republicans to vote against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ minimum wage raise proposal. Joe Manchin, Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen, Jon Tester, Tom Carper, Chris Coons, and Angus King.