Social Media Feud Erupts Between Angel Reese’s Mom and Flau’jae’s Mom, Igniting Controversy in LSU Women’s Basketball Community

Social Media Feud Erupts Between Angel Reese's Mom and Flau'jae's Mom, Igniting Controversy

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The LSU women’s basketball team secured a resounding victory over Kent State on Tuesday, but it wasn’t the game itself that grabbed the attention of fans and followers.

Instead, it was the absence of star player Angel Reese during most of the match that sparked speculation and subsequent drama among mothers of athletes on the team and former players.

Reese’s limited playing time raised eyebrows as she logged only 13 minutes on the court. When asked about the decision, LSU head coach Kim Mulkey simply referred to it as a “coach’s decision.” While the true reason for Reese’s benching remains undisclosed, the player demonstrated remarkable maturity by taking the high road and not publicly sharing any grievances.

Shortly after the game, tensions escalated among mothers and former players involved with the team. Social media became the battleground for their conflict, though it is unclear whether these online exchanges directly correlate with the on-court events. Nevertheless, the drama that unfolded was palpable.

In an Instagram post, Angel Webb Reese, mother of Angel Reese, shared a cryptic message that seemed to address someone in particular. She implored people not to send her messages riddled with grammatical errors, expressing frustration with the difficulty of understanding the intended meaning. The context behind this statement remains unclear, and initial speculation suggested it might have been directed toward Fla’jaue Johnson.

In response, Kia Brooks, mother of Johnson, took to her own Instagram story to confront Reese’s mother. Brooks alleged that Reese had a Grade Point Average (GPA) lower than 2.0, insinuating academic struggles. She further criticized Reese’s mother for her own grammar errors in the original post. Brooks urged Reese’s mother to take responsibility for her daughter’s actions and accused her of being petty, fake, and hateful.

Adding fuel to the fire, Brooks later shared another Instagram story featuring the quote, “I’d rather be real and rejected than fake and accepted.” Johnson’s mother reiterated Brooks’ sentiment, emphasizing her commitment to honesty and integrity.

As tensions escalated, Brooks eventually deleted her initial post from her Instagram story, apparently recognizing the escalating nature of the situation.