At Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, the New York Knicks and Miami Heat engaged in a thrilling Game 2 that saw New York prevail over Miami despite the absence of Jimmy Butler. NBA fans, however, were more interested in another game-related celebrity, Jessica Alba, than the actual basketball game that took place.

Fans couldn’t help but notice how the Hollywood star stood out while sitting courtside during the game, and she undoubtedly drew attention. Despite the fact that many other famous people and celebrities were present at the game, none of them could compete with Jessica Alba.

NBA fans praised the actor on social media, with one claiming that if he had been playing, he would have made a fifty-piece drop.

Here are some more reactions to Alba’s performance in Game 2 of the Knicks-Heat series:

Yes, it makes sense why Jessica Alba would draw the attention of the fans. After all, who would object?

At the very least, the Knicks had the opportunity to play in front of Alba and their home crowd. Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle, and RJ Barrett each scored 79 points to tie the Heat series at one game apiece. Nonetheless, we don’t know how Alba’s presence and brief TV appearance influenced their performance.