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Today, Disney+ announced the new Latin American Original docu-series, “The Montaners,” will premiere exclusively on November 9th, with the first five episodes. “The Montaners” follows the iconic family of the Montaners: Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky and Evaluna, and their significant others Stefi, Sara and Camilo, which have become a veritable phenomenon on social media and whose father is one of the greatest icons of Latin music. Throughout the episodes, viewers will witness, among other things, the challenges that each family member must face while trying to balance their private lives and professional careers, always in the public eye, as well as the milestones of their musical lives, their struggles and personal conflicts, and the emotions generated by the expansion of the family as new marriages are celebrated.

In both the first five episodes available on November 9th and in the remaining five episodes arriving soon on Disney+, the series reveals the Montaner’s most intimate moments, providing unrestricted access to their family life and uncovering the behind the scenes of events that gained great notoriety in the press and on social media, such as Ricky and Stefi’s wedding, the birth of Evaluna and Camilo’s son, Índigo, and Mau and Sara’s wish to start a family, which was crowned with the conception of Apolo, Ricardo and Marlene sixth grandchild who has just been born. “The Montaners” also showcases the backstage of the family members’ artistic careers, witnessing unforgettable moments such as the 2021 Latin Grammy® Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. The series also accompanies them on family trips to Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Argentina, delves into Ricardo and Marlene “empty nest” feelings, and registers birthday parties and other special events revealing the unique way in which the Montaners celebrate family and prioritize shared moments while leading a life of fame as music stars.

The new 10-episode docu-series features cinematic moments, live musical performances and presents their lifestyles in vérité-style documentary, made with mixed media formats, such as cell phone footage and confessional interviews, making use of Ricardo’s private video and photo archive who for years has recorded with his camera small and big moments of his growing family. With a non-linear narrative style and providing an intimate and deep look into their lives, “The Montaners” offers the audience the opportunity to get to know each member of the familly.



Created by the Montaners and Lex Borrero, produced by NTERTAIN Studios with creative collaboration of Disney Branded Television’s unscripted team.

Lex Borrero, Tommy Mottola and Ivanni Rodríguez serve as executive producers along with Ricardo, Marlene, Mau and Ricky Montaner. Santiago Zapata and Chris Smith are the series’ executive producers and also serve as showrunners and directors for NTERTAIN Studios.

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