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Last night brawl in Los Angeles lead to serious consequences. The NBA has suspended the Los Angeles Lakers Brandon Ingram for four games. Also, they suspended Rajun Rondo for three games. The NBA also suspended Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul. They all will be suspended without pay for their altercation in the fourth quarter of last night game in the Staples Center.

“Ingram has been suspended for aggressively returning to and escalating the altercation and throwing a punch in the direction of Paul, confronting a game official in a hostile manner, and instigating the overall incident by shoving Rockets guard James Harden,” the league said in a statement. “Rondo has been suspended for instigating a physical altercation with, and spitting and throwing multiple punches at, Paul. Paul has been suspended for poking at and making contact with the face of Rondo, and throwing multiple punches at him.”

Rondo received one more game than Paul because he threw the first punch, NBA vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe, who was in attendance for Saturday night’s skirmish, told SportsCenter on Sunday night.

“We try to judge each one of these [incidents] on the merits: who does what, who instigates, how dangerous the situation becomes and is,” VanDeWeghe said. “And also the discipline is an act of deterrence. We want to make sure that we deter this further action and make a statement that this is not acceptable. Fighting’s not acceptable in our league and never has been.”

Paul will begin serving his suspension on Sunday night, when the Rockets face the Clippers at Staples Center.

When the NBA office was evaluating Saturday night scuffle, they saw that Rondo spit on Chris Paul face according to ESPN.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be starting Lonzo Ball at point guard. This will be a great opportunity for Lonzo to get his starting spot back from a year ago. Kyle Kuzma will most likely start for the Los Angeles Lakers as well.