The Weeknd is dropping a surprise EP tonight. It makes sense, Abel is a headliner at the Coachella festival this year. He’s blessing his fans with new material. This will be Abel third project in four years. The Weeknd was not lying when he said “he’s invested in being a fucking legend.” I believe this album will be great like all of his other ones. Still don’t know what to expect from this EP.

The Weeknd is being mysterious again with his music. He isn’t releasing a track list. Which isn’t a surprise at all because he mentions to Zane Lowe in his Apple music interview that he didn’t want to release a track list to “Starboy” but he had to because it was going to be leaked.

The Weeknd has been in the studio religiously working on this project. He’s been posting a lot of pictures with his studio section lately. I believe this album will be fighting for third on my favorite Weeknd projects. Either way I believe it’s going to do serious numbers first week. He will most likely sale around 275,000 to 400,000 copies first week is my prediction for this project.

My Top 5 Weeknd Projects In Order:

1. House Of Balloons

2. Beauty Behind The Madness

3. StarBoy

4. Kiss Land

5. Thursday

Comment Your Favorite Weeknd Projects or even songs down below.

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