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Too Hot To Handle Brazil Arrives In July 21 Only On Netflix

by Talia M.
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What’s going to be: a money prize or a new crush? Find out in Too Hot To Handle. The Brazilian version of one of the most successful reality shows on Netflix, produced by Fremantle, premieres on July 21st!

Five men and five women with too much beauty and too little responsibility together on a paradisiacal beach share the chance to take a prize even more attractive than them, in what may be the biggest challenge of their lives: half million reais, but only if they manage to control their desires. The rules are set by the bossy virtual assistant Lana: for each infraction (even a little kiss) an amount of money is deducted from the total prize. With sex out of the game, will they be able to create deeper connections?

In addition to Lana’s tight pressure, the comedian Bruna Louise comments the show with a mocking analysis of our guests.

Check out Too Hot to Handle Brazil Cast:

Brenda Paixão – 24, Makeup artist, Rio Grande do Sul – Determined, positive and explosive. She likes to lead and doesn’t play both sides. If upset, her emotions run high.

Davi Kneip – 21, DJ, São Paulo – He turned his frustrations into high self-esteem; Cocky, perfectionist and competitive. He’s very sexual and talks about it all the time.

Gabriela Martins – 27, Model, Rio de Janeiro – Stressed, genuine and detached person. She likes to be taken seriously, so she is transparent and doesn’t like to be rejected. Fires everywhere: wherever she hits, it’s a good shot!

Leandro David – 23, Swimming athlete, Brasília – Shy, determined and calm. He’s always happy and doesn’t hide his history as a ladie’s man – he says that doesn’t know how many women he’s had with.

Kethellen Avelino – 22, Executive Secretary, Amazonas – Good vibes, brave and hyperactive. She left home at age 16 to be free. A little egocentric, she likes to be desired and says she doesn’t fall in love easily.

Igor Paes – 27, Entrepreneur, Bahia – “Living the time of your life!”. He likes to party and have fun. With a contagious energy he considers himself hyperactive. Always goes for the win and gets what he wants, doing what he thinks is right and with no attachment to rules.

Rita Tiecher – 25, DJ, Rio de Janeiro – Dramatic, anxious and hot-blooded. She likes to rule but swears to know how to lose. She says there are many chances to fall in love at the show. Sex is important, but she prefers the connection.

Ronaldo Moura – 29, Marketing Consultant, São Paulo – A real player, focused and sincere. An observer, he is always looking for the opponent’s weakness. Single for 6 years, he believes this can be his chance to fall in love.

Thuany Raquel – 26, Businesswoman, Pernambuco – Full active with a strong personality. Married early but found happiness in the single life, and she loves to be free. She doesn’t spare words and doesn’t live without sex. She hates following rules!

Matheus Sampaio – 25, Entrepreneur, Rio de Janeiro – He likes to party, considers himself a Casanova and a charming villain with an incredible charisma. He likes all women and has no idea how many he’s ever dated.

Marina Streit – 24, Lawyer , Rio Grande do Sul – Feminist, intelligent and sensitive. She is sarcastic and has a good eye for details, also uses these skills to flirt and feel desired. She doesn’t believe in a perfect match, but is always open to love.

Caio Giovani – 29, Actor, dancer & singer, Rio de Janeiro – A strong competitor. A former military man before becoming an artist, he knows how to play by the rules but also goes with the flow. He defines himself as special, hot and can’t stand losses.

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