Photo Courtesy of Tyra Banks Instagram

The internet is coming for Tyra Banks right now after an old America’s Next Top Model video has resurfaced on Twitter. In the video you can really see her tear this young beautiful dark skin model down.

More videos are starting to resurface about Tyra Banks being an evil dictator on on ANTM throughout the show years. There was absolutely a specific type of regulation, silencing and policing that was directed towards Black women on the show, and dark skinned Black women in particular.


Slick Woods chimed in on Tyra Banks on Instagram a couple of days ago about Tyra “breaking barriers” for black models.

This is honestly really shameful of Tyra Banks. Instead of guiding these young models she chose to torment them daily. Instead of challenging the old model system she faced to make it better for younger models coming up, she kept them in that system. This show would have been great way for Tyra to challenge the system and help break barriers in the right way for these upcoming models. She didn’t which was honestly sad.