Why Matthew Cherry Should Direct A Live Action Static Shock Film?

Why Matthew Cherry should direct a live action version of Static Shock?

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This era has been really the superhero saga. Marvel just came off a blockbuster decade when the Avengers Saga that made billions of dollars. D.C. is coming through with their own saga this decade. They currently filming Batman that will be directed by Matt Reeves. Wonder Woman 2 is set to release later this year. Aquaman 2 is on they way as well and they have been talks of Flash and Green Lantern film.

Many of fans want to see a possible Static Shock movie sometime this decade. After, they get this phased rolled out. They should first make him appear in a Justice League movie or start Teen Titans saga. A Static Shock movie would be perfect for D.C. third or fourth phase this decade. This film should be directed by Oscar winner Matthew Cherry.

Matthew Cherry is from Chicago. He played pro football for a couple of years and then transition into film. He started of as a production assistant, music video director, and eventually won an Oscar this year for Hair Love. Cherry directed Michelle Williams music video “Say Yes.” He also wrote and directed his first film, The Last Fall in 2012. He also wrote and directed his second film titled 9 rides. He shot his second film on an iPhone 6, which made critics respect him more for his talent and storytelling ability.

Warner Bros Pictures should give Matthew Cherry the opportunity to direct this film. If it comes into the works and if he wants to direct the film. The storytelling for this film would be inspiring to so many.

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