Anya, or Araña as she would be called, was a teenage gymnast from Brooklyn whose father Gilberto Corazon was an investigative reporter. He moved with her from Mexico to the United States after her mother was killed.

It was at an average day at school that she saw her friend Lynn being bullied by an older boy. Anya defended her friend, and the two started to fight. A teacher broke their conflict up, but that night the two went down to a bridge to resume their battle. When she got there, Anya discovered a stranger being attacked by a strange group. This Sisterhood of the Wasp attempted to kill the man, but Anya leaped in the way of the killing blow. The man, Miguel, was the sorcerer of the Spider Society, a secret group dating back for hundreds of years. Recognizing that Anya had the ability to become the new Hunter of the Society, he transferred some of his power to her to save her life. Because of this she gained a spider-shaped tattoo, enhanced strength and agility, and the power to grow a blue exoskeleton. These powers first revealed itself when training in the desert, allowing her to defeat multiple ferocious beasts. However, her new abilities didn’t come from Miguel or the Society; his transfer had unlocked her own natural potential.

As she joined the Spider Society as their Hunter, they gave her cover as an intern of WebCorps, a company the Society used to hide its actions. After developing her secret identity, she and her new team went on a mission to prevent the Sisterhood from empowering their own Hunter.

Background Story of Araña courtesy of Fandom

We decided to come up with Dreamcast for this film or tv series if Warner Bros ever decide to move forward with this comic book story.

    Jenna Ortega as Anya Corazon/Araña/Spider-Girl
    Wagner Moura as Gil Corazon
    Oscar Isaac as Miguel Legar
    Nafessa Williams as Nina Smith
    Eiza González as Sofia Corazon
    Justin Hartley as Ted Mankowski
    Natalie Dormer as June Covington

This would be great show concept to put on CW or HBO Max. This would bring people from different backgrounds together to watch this show.