By: Carla Perez 

Malia Obama was seen kissing Rory Farquharson at the school rivalry football game Saturday, Harvard versus Yale. People are making a huge deal out of this for no reason. Most people had their first kiss before the age of 19. For the people who have a huge problem with this, How does Malia Obama love life effects your personal life? She attends Harvard University, she must be doing something right in life.

Another video was released today of her smoking. The people who are bashing her for smoking probably took a couple of puffs today themselves. A lot of people smoke nowadays, who cares? 80% of people I personally know smokes weed or cigarettes. If you don’t always criticize people for smoking but criticize Malia Obama for smoking then you’re a hypocrite just because she’s the former president daughter doesn’t mean she can’t be like everybody else. Plus at least she’s not running sweatshops in China and laundering money in Panama; stealing money from kids with cancer; and conspiring with Russia and Wikileaks. Her kissing a boy or smoking doesn’t effect mine or anyone else in the world life in a negative way.