By: Wayne D. Ayers II 

Eminem releases new track called Walk on Water featuring the elegant BEYONCÉ.

I do not own the rights to the video and audio.

The unexpectedly downbeat song which features Eminem accompanied by Beyonce, a simple piano track, synthesizer, a haunting string section and muted percussion is surprisingly rough, with the sound of the rapper scribbling and swearing to himself in the background in between verses. Despite it’s controversial sound title, the song was produced by Rick Rubin and co-written with Beyonce and Skylar Grey, who co-wrote Eminem’s hit “Love the Way You Lie” — is a depressive meditation on trying and failing to meet up to expectations.

This is the Eminem I want to hear. I want to hear the grown up Marshall Mathers. The 45 Year Old Eminem, I want to hear vulnerable Eminem and just straight rapping Eminem. This track hopefully proves this is the Eminem we are going to get on the “Revival” album. The rumors are this is Eminem last album if it is I hope he goes out with a major bang.