By: Wayne D. Ayers II

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shook hands in matching outfits but don’t take it too serious because they will not hold a formal meeting at the Asia-Pacfic Economic Cooperation Summit in Vietnam, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters today. 

But the two world leaders did briefly meet during the so-called APEC class photo, where all the heads of state come together to take a photo before the summit officially starts. Our cameras caught Trump and Putin shaking hands and having a short discussion before the photo was snapped.

The two leaders, both wearing an oversized, blue traditional-style Vietnamese shirt provided by the host country, stood next to one another for the picture. 

Hopefully if the United States and Russia can’t get along we can just keep our distances away from each other because it wouldn’t be good for mankind to have the world powerhouses battle it out.