In Lebron James, 15th season it seems like we haven’t seen the best of Lebron James yet. In his first 9 games of this season he’s averaging 25 points, 9 assist, and 7 rebounds. Shooting over 37% from the 3 point line and shooting over 59% from the field. Lebron James is simply the best basketball player to ever play the game because the way he treats his body. Usually in most professional athlete careers if they get to a year 15 their body starts to break down. If you compare Michael Jordan year 15 to Lebron James year 15 even though it’s a small sample size you would pick Lebron over Jordan. Lebron James looks like he will be the best basketball player on the planet for the next 5 years. 

People who say Jordan is a better basketball player then Lebron only have one argument and that is Jordan has more rings than Lebron. It’s quite funny because when you ask those same people what EXACTLY does Michael Jordan do better than Lebron James they are usually quiet or they say Michael Jordan can score better or Jordan is more clutch. Well if you look Jordan career field goal percentage compared to Lebron. Uhhhhhhhhm Jordan doesn’t score better than Lebron.

Men Lie Women Lie but numbers don’t plus people forget Lebron is still going. When Lebron James retires from the game of basketball he will pass Kareem for all time leading scorer and pass Magic Johnson in assist that’s just unheard of so if you’re a Lebron hater like myself we can keep hating but let’s start appreciating the greatness he displays night in and night out.