​By: Wayne D. Ayers II

Photo Credit: Vibe

The Juice has been getting loose at a Las Vegas hotel getting kicked out after a scuffle at the bar late Wednesday, according to a report.

TMZ reported, that O.J. Simpson got kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel for good after allegedly getting boozed up and becoming unruly.

Employees at the hotel said Simpson has been hitting up bars since his release from prison last month after serving nine years. They have been broke glasses at the Clique bar inside the luxury hotel and casino beginning at about midnight.

Simpson, 70, got angry with the workers, prompting security guards to respond and remove him from the hotel. Simpson was cordial to security, but he has since been permanently banned from the hotel, sources told TMZ.

This doesn’t look good for Simpson at all after only being out of jail for one month. He could possibly be doing more time for violating probation.