By Wayne D. Ayers II

Photo Credit: US Weekly Magazine 

Mr. I’m Chuck Bass might be in serious trouble and this time not with Blair Waldorf. The actress Kristina Cohen accused the Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick raped her at his home, a second actress has come foward now. In a Facebook post on Wednesday, former actress Aurélie Wynn (known professionally as Aurelie Marie Cao) claimed that Westwick raped her in 2014. Westwick has denied the allegations.

Westwick responded to Cohen’s claims on Tuesday in an Instagram post saying he did not know Cohen and had never raped anybody.

Cohen filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which is now investigating if the “suspect forced victim to have sexual intercourse inside his residence … three years ago.”

Following Wynn’s allegations, Westwick posted a second denial on Instagram on Thursday.

Things aren’t looking too good for the Gossip Girl Star.