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23 Years of Tomb Raiding: Revisiting Angelina Jolie’s Defining Action Sequences in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”

by Talia M.

Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of video game heroine Lara Croft in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” turns 23 years old. Despite conflicting reviews, the film’s impact on action filmmaking is indisputable, particularly for its innovative stunts and sequences. Here, we examine three scenes that established Lara Croft as a cinematic action hero.

1. Croft Manor Face-Off: Establishing a Badass Heroine

The film opens with a bang, not in a tomb, but within the grand walls of Croft Manor. We witness Lara in a high-octane training montage, showcasing her mastery of various martial arts and firearms. This scene isn’t just about establishing Lara’s physical prowess; it also introduces her world – a world of hidden adventures and ancient secrets. The action here is stylish and sets the tone for the fast-paced treasure hunt to come, leaving the audience eager to see Lara unleash these skills on real threats.

2. Venice Chase: A Breathtaking Escape Through Treacherous Waters

The action truly ignites with the heart-stopping chase sequence through the flooded catacombs of Venice. Pursued by relentless mercenaries, Lara utilizes her agility and parkour skills to navigate the crumbling, waterlogged environment.The scene is a visual spectacle, with cascading water contrasting with the ancient architecture. As Lara leaps across platforms and dodges booby traps, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats. This relentless pursuit not only showcases Lara’s resourcefulness and physical prowess but also injects a thrilling sense of claustrophobia, making her eventual escape all the more satisfying.

3. Temple of Osiris: A Clash of Brains and Brawn

The film’s climax throws Lara into a thrilling showdown with the villainous Manfred Powell within the booby-trapped Temple of Osiris. This action sequence demands both Lara’s physical and intellectual capabilities. Crumbling platforms, deadly darts, and a monstrous guardian protecting the powerful artifact test her mettle. Lara must rely on her archaeological knowledge to decipher clues and navigate the temple’s mechanisms, showcasing her intelligence alongside her fighting skills. The final confrontation itself is a breathtaking display of martial arts and acrobatics, with Lara dodging attacks and delivering well-placed strikes. This scene perfectly encapsulates Lara’s journey, demanding both her physical and intellectual capabilities to overcome the challenges and secure the artifact.

“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” may not have received universal critical acclaim, but its influence on the action genre and video game adaptations is undeniable. The film’s portrayal of a strong, independent female protagonist leading the charge resonated with audiences, paving the way for a new era of action heroines. Even 23 years later, these thrilling scenes remind us why Lara Croft remains an enduring pop culture icon.

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Krista June 15, 2024 - 6:30 PM

this shower scene made me realize I’m bi. At a very young age.

Helena June 15, 2024 - 6:30 PM

people DIED and lives were changed.

Adam June 15, 2024 - 6:29 PM

She is definitely the most kissable actress! 💋

Mariah June 15, 2024 - 6:29 PM

I took my sister and her boyfriend at the time to see this in the theater.

Hilary June 15, 2024 - 6:28 PM

It blows my mind to this day how her faces literally matches the games character 😅

Charly June 15, 2024 - 6:27 PM

I wonder if Angelina Jolie still revisits her role as Lara Croft very fondly.

Drew June 15, 2024 - 6:27 PM

It’s not gonna win any awards… it’s alot of fun though… an easy watch.

Brian June 15, 2024 - 6:26 PM

This film is probably one of the best video game adaptations out there. Angelina was perfectly cast!

Dani June 15, 2024 - 6:26 PM

Peak. A considerable part of my childhood was rewatching this every chance i could.

Emilia June 15, 2024 - 6:25 PM

My Lara Croft and no one else ❤️❤️

Evan June 15, 2024 - 6:21 PM

Did you all like Tomb Raider ? I found it pretty average

Nathalie June 15, 2024 - 6:21 PM

Wow, 23 years already? I feel old 😂. Angelina Jolie was such a badass in that role!

Jessie June 15, 2024 - 6:20 PM

One of the best lara croft movies ever. Fight me😂


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