Alyssa Shaw: Racist Lavaca Middle School Students Harass Black Girl By Calling Her “ROSA PARKS” On The Bus

Alyssa Shaw, a 7th grade student at Lavaca Middle School in Arkansas speaks about the racism she has been enduring by her other classmates.

Shaw was hearing sarcastic “Black Lives Matter” and “Rosa Parks” chants while approaching the school bus to go home, 40/29 News reports. She even claims the students called her the n-word.

“There was nothing you could have done. You can’t even hear your own voice. I didn’t think it was funny at all because it was like deliberate disrespect and they tried to cover it up as a joke,” Shaw said.

In the disturbing video, you can hear a bus full of students yelling “Rosa Parks” while heading towards the bus. The bus driver didn’t tell the students to stop in the video as well.

After dealing with racism on the bus, Alyssa Shaw claimed two boys harassed her and her friend when they got off the bus to say another racist “Rosa Parks” joke.

“When we got off the bus, two boys came behind me and my friend and asked why I didn’t come to the back of the bus? ‘We had a seat reserved for you Mrs. Rosa Parks,” Shaw told KARK 4 News.

Alyssa Shaw’s mother, Becky Burris spoke to 40/29 News about the incident and has filed a police report.

“That’s terrible. I think she is the strongest child ever. She composed herself better than most adults could in that situation.”

Lavaca superintendent Steve Ross has confirmed the district is close to finishing its investigation of the bus incident.

Chief Charles Toon with the Lavaca Police Department revealed that students involved could face harassment charges. Toon said he has received over 40 police statements on the bus incident and spoke with multiple witnesses.