Ariana Grande’s unreleased track “Fantasize” was leaked and received over 70,000 streams in the Philippines alone before being removed from Spotify.

A mysterious user going by the name “Adriana Venti”—a play on the 30-year-old singer’s last name, which in Italian means “large”—uploaded the song to the streaming platform.

On September 4th, the song peaked at number 200 on Spotify’s Daily Top Songs Philippines list, with 71,335 streams.

Even though the song’s real name is “Fantasize,” it was uploaded on August 19th under the title “But Just Before I Go, Theres Something You Should Know” and published by “YUH RECORDS.”

The artwork for the fake single was taken from the Instagram page of make-up artist Ash K Holm. In the original photo, Grande is wearing a satin bra and holding a lipstick, with the caption “Pastel Dreams.”

It’s not the first time the singer’s music has been leaked. Several of Grande’s demos and unreleased tracks were leaked online in March, which the singer called “horrible.”

Ariana Grande decided to speak out today about her unreleased music being leaked and shared online.

“This is so disheartening,” Grande says. “I was going to come back to this hook to use eventually. I don’t know how people are still doing this but please stop.”

The pop star is rumored to be working on her next album while production on ‘Wicked: Part 1′ is halted due to the actors’ strike.