Arizona State University Offers Taylor Swift-Themed Psychology Course

Arizona State University Offers Taylor Swift-Themed Psychology Course

Taylor Swift, the renowned American singer-songwriter, astute entrepreneur, and ardent supporter of female empowerment, has amassed a massive fan base that has propelled her record-breaking sales of over 200 million records worldwide.

The central figure of the new course titled “Psychology of Taylor Swift – Advanced Topics of Social Psychology” at Arizona State University is none other than the musician herself. This captivating class is scheduled to take place during the upcoming fall semester.

Within the realm of academia, a course aptly titled “What Would Taylor Swift Do?” shall delve into the profound narratives echoing through her lyrical compositions, encompassing profound notions pertaining to familial ties, companionship, the allure of celebrity, and beyond.

Alexandra Wormley, an esteemed educator entrusted with the task of instructing the class, is adamant that this material will spark profound debates and serve as an invaluable pedagogical tool for comprehending intricate psychological tenets.

“The course is basically using Taylor Swift as a semester-long example of different phenomena — gossip, relationships, revenge,” said Wormley, emphasizing that “the class is not a seminar on how much we like or dislike her — we want to be able to learn about psychology.”