Bangladeshi Man Arrested After Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska Body Was Found Naked In Plastic Bag

The suspect in the disappearance of Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska is in police custody and has been charged with kidnapping and murder after authorities discovered the 27-year-old Polish woman “naked in a bin bag covered in branches under a tree” on the northern part of the Dodecanese Island of Kos, according to the Mirror.

According to Greek Police, the suspect in Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska’s death is a 32-year-old Bangladeshi man who was the last person seen with the 27-year-old.

Initially, police detained four other men who were seen on surveillance video speaking with Rubinska prior to her disappearance. They claimed the woman was intoxicated and offered to take her home.

The four men were released after the 32-year-old Bangladeshi man claimed he took Rubinska to his home, where they had sexual intercourse before dropping her off at a specific location.

Despite this, surveillance footage failed to confirm his claims of dropping the woman off at the location. The victim’s DNA was discovered in the suspect’s home.

Rubinska’s disappearance was reported to authorities by her 28-year-old Polish national partner. Authorities recovered the woman’s cell phone, which was discovered within walking distance of the Bangladeshi man’s residence, but it was missing the SIM card.

Even more concerning, according to authorities, is the fact that the suspect in custody had purchased an airline ticket to leave the island and travel abroad, reportedly to Italy. Given that no arrests were made for illegal entry or residence in the country, the suspect and the other four people initially detained are likely to have valid work and residency permits.

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