Benson Williams Was Allegedly SHOT In The Head By LAPD With A Rubber Bullet During BLM Protest

BLM supporters in Los Angeles, came together on March 13th for a peaceful protest in Breonna Taylor memory. Taylor was shot dead in her home last year on March 13th by police officers in Louisville, Kentucky. One of the BLM protestors was a man named Benson Williams. Williams was in the front of the protest when LAPD arrived on the scene fully armed with shields, beater sticks, tear gas and rubber bullets. LAPD began to escalate the situation by hassling and blocking in the protestors, according to the Go Fund Me page for Benson. The page also says there was a standoff between protesters and the police at the intersection of Vine and Lexington. The peaceful protest took a turn for the worst. Benson was allegedly was struck in the head with a rubber bullet within a close range. Multiple protestors that were in attendance claim Benson was slammed into the concrete when police got a hold of him. Benson was arrested and put in the back of a police car until paramedics arrived onto the scene. The medical team questioned Benson to see if he had a concussion due to head trauma. When he arrived to the ER he was cuffed to the hospital bed while a medical professional applied a loose 9 stitches to a 2.5 inch bone deep laceration. After he left the hospital, Benson was taken to the police station where he was allegedly interrogated multiple times and refused a lawyer each time he requested council. Benson and several other protesters have been charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

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