Christopher Kapessa was a young black 13-year-old child who died on July 1st, 2019 after being pushed into the river in front of many of his peers. He was the only black child present at the scene of the incident.

Less than 24 hours of Kapessa death, South Wales Police decided, without interviewing all the other children or collecting all the evidence, that this was no more than a tragic accident.

South Wales Police tried to convince his mother, Alina Joseph, that Christopher had willingly jumped from a bridge.

South Wales Police said it had “full confidence” in its investigation. After his mother and many others filed a complaint against the police.

South Wales Police appointed a new major police investigation team who then submitted new evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

In a letter to the family, seen by BBC Wales, the CPS said there was clear evidence the suspect pushed Christopher into the river.

Earlier this year the CPS decided not to prosecute anyone despite establishing that there was sufficient evidence to charge the teenager who pushed Christopher into the river with manslaughter. They argued that this was not in the public interest.