Clayton County deputy was put on administrative leave without pay after a video of him beating a black man surfaces online.

According to a statement from Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, his department launched an internal investigation immediately after his office was made aware of the video.

In a shocking incident of police brutality, Roderick Walker pleaded for his life as police put a knee to his neck and punched him in the face in Georgia on Saturday, September 12. The man, along with two others, was a passenger in a Lyft that was pulled over in Clayton County by cops because a tail light was out. TMZ reported that sheriff’s deputies asked for the victim’s license but he didn’t have one. Moreover, the passengers reportedly asked the officers why they had to show ID since they had done nothing wrong.

At least two different angles of the arrest were caught in separate videos, which show two white deputies arresting a Black man.

In the video shot from a closer angle, the deputies can be seen pinning the man down, with one appearing to have him in a hold around his neck.

Attorneys for the man arrested, Roderick Walker, demanded that both officers be fired for their actions, and that Walker be released and cleared of all charges as he remains behind bars into the night.