Couples Date Without Seeing Each Other In Wild New Reality Show Love Is Blind

Couples date without seeing each other in new Netflix show ‘Love Is Blind’

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Is love really blind? A new Netflix dating show hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey is looking to find out.

On Love Is Blind, singles get to know one another without ever seeing one another.

Episodes 1-5 are now streaming and they include these very, very, very awkward first dates.

After a few days of dating in “pods,” where couples can’t see each other, people literally profess their love for each other and get engaged. The craziest part is they are so serious.

Netflix does dating shows right, compare Love is Blind to this season of the bachelor, which is so produced you can practically see the hand of god orchestrating some scenes for manufactured drama (champagne-gate).

Love is Blind moments, as wild as they are (and they’re wild!) feel like they came from the people’s own agency. People are choosing to get engaged, lash out, have irrational fights. you’re watching people in an unusual situation, yes—but they’re still real!

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