Did Alisa Bajraktarevic Save Her Boyfriend From Drug Bust?

Did Alisa Bajraktarevic Save Her Boyfriend From Drug Bust?

A New York City police officer is under investigation, according to The New York Post, for trying to stop detectives from arresting her alleged drug dealer boyfriend.

Alisa Bajraktarevic, a 33-year-old member of the Bronx Robbery Squad, caused chaos after her alleged drug-dealing boyfriend got apprehended by police on Saturday, and the responding officers had to call for help.

The alleged drug dealer’s car was going to be searched by the NYPD, but they decided to let him go instead. However, before they let him go, they complained to the Internal Affairs Bureau about Alisa Bajraktarevic, which started the investigation.

As retribution for the chaos she caused during the car stop, Bajraktarevic was demoted to desk duty and had her guns taken away on the same day of the incident.

Bajraktarevic met her boyfriend, an alleged drug dealer, at the gym, according to The New York Post. Police recruits are cautioned not to associate with criminals during orientation.

The name and criminal history of the drug dealer were withheld by the police department, The New York Post says. The police weren’t going to arrest her boyfriend for anything, and Bajraktarevic has been adamant that he isn’t a drug dealer.

The car was parked, according to Bajraktarevic, when police arrived to conduct an investigation, but they wouldn’t say what had happened.

The Bronx Robbery Squad welcomed Alisa Bajraktarevic in June; she has worked for the NYPD for more than 11 years. She worked at the 48th Precinct in the Bronx before joining the squad. Her yearly income was reportedly over $115,000.

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