Did Halle Bailey and DDG Break Up?

Fans of Halle Bailey and DDG suspect there may be trouble in paradise with the young couple after he unfollowed her on Instagram and removed photos with her from his profile.

Some people on social media suggested that Halle Bailey cheated on DDG, which we can’t confirm but apparently, he has been making cryptic messages about Halle. DDG tweeted, all these girls the same ain’t no wayy.” He eventually deleted the tweet.



The ‘Little Mermaid’ star got photographed smiling while talking to a guy at the Roc Nation Brunch over the weekend. Some fans believe this is why he’s upset with Halle.

The trouble in paradise also comes after fans suspect Rubi Rose and DDG were spending time together at Yung Miami’s party over the weekend. Rose and DDG reportedly dated a few years ago.


Some folks on social media also believe DDG is trolling to promote an upcoming song he plans to release soon. He tweeted, “i ain’t drop no music in a minute, im trippin.. I’m finna get back on it this Wednesday.” Fans wouldn’t be surprised if he drops a single this week.

As of right now, the two are still together and haven’t revealed if they have broken up or not.

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