Ellakate released her alternative pop single “I Wanna Fall in Love for the Night.”

The beautiful ballad expresses her longing to experience love yet the fear of being hurt. One of the most touching lyrics reads, “I wanna fall in love for the night, without the consequence of time.”

The lyric describes the beauty and passion of the beginning of a relationship that, after time, can turn into sadness, hurt, or distance.

Inspired by her longing to feel a loving coexistence, Ellakate also expresses her fear of what time could do to that love. She says that “Whether it turns sour or fizzles away, one thing is for sure, love is at its most pure form in the beginning.”

Ellakate’s soft and soulful vocals are incredibly vulnerable and perfectly complemented by gentle piano and airy backing vocals.

Often compared to a “young Amy Winehouse,” ellakate has an honest and sensual quality to her vocals, mixed with the innocence of her years.

While some of her songs could be compared to Billie Eilish, “I Wanna Fall in Love for the Night” is more stylistically like the sounds of Lana Del Rey.