Elijah Weatherspoon, 18, went on a boat in Charleston Harbor with 7 white people, never made it back home.

They are many conflicting stories on the incident that is being released between the people on the boat.

Some say he decided to flip off the boat, along with another, and a ‘Good Samaritan’ could only save one, but not Nicky, another story was the boat was docked and Nicky jumped off but couldn’t come back up due to his inability to swim, (He was an experienced swimmer) and another story was he panicked while another tried to help him and sank.”

Mount Pleasant Police Department is reportedly refusing to investigate this despite the numerous evidence that supports it wasn’t just a boating accident, according to Elijah Family.

Below you can contact Mount Pleasant PD to investigate Elijah Weatherspoon death:

Chief Carl Ritchie email: critchie@tompsc.com

Department email: lgaskin@tompsc.com

Phone: (843) 884-4176

Address: 100 Ann Edwards Lane

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Hours: M-F, 8am-4:30pm