Figurekey™ Unleashed: Great Eastern Entertainment Revolutionizes Anime Merchandise

FigureKey Unleashed: Great Eastern Entertainment Revolutionizes Anime Merchandise

Great Eastern Entertainment has become the groundbreaking trendsetter for such items as anime and other Japanese and foreign pop culture merchandising items. It comes as no surprise that this is their latest invention, they are now combining the vinyl heads and the soft bodies generating another epoch-making set of engaging touchable figures in the market called Figurekey™.

Diverse Tapestry of Fandom

Great Eastern Entertainment’s collection features authentic merchandise of at least 200 animation titles, video games, and pop culture favorites.

Consequently, it has created an avenue for anime and manga fans like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter x Hunter, Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man, and more.

The Unveiling of Figurekey™

Figurekey™, which had its debut at New York Comic Con earlier this year, is certain to become a pop culture staple for fandoms. The distinctive design of the soft-bodied, vinyl head figures showcases a wide variety of beloved characters through diverse franchises. The appeal of Figurekey™ lies in its affordability, uniquely stylized design, and wide range of characters.

“This year we are showcasing our patent-pending FigureKey™ product. What makes this line unique from other plush figures is it is a mixed media platform,” Vice President of Sales, Jess Bansal says. “It is a 12-point articulated plush figure with a PVC head. With patent-pending technology, the head rotates, the body can be posed and there is no other plush in the world that does this right now.”

A wide range of anime and manga characters from One Piece, Spy x Family, and many more are currently available from Great Eastern Entertainment’s, Figurekey™.

Where imagination meets reality

Bridging imagination and reality by transforming cherished fictional characters into realistic, stylized actionable Figurekey™ figures with which fans can touch, play, collect, or display, turning fantasy worlds, into a shareable fandom expression.

Figurekey™ is more than a collectible item, further enhancing the bond between fans and their favorite characters through multi-sensory interaction that transcends sight alone.

Going beyond the recent addition of the Figurekey™, Great Easter Entertainment has continued to change the landscape in the anime and pop culture industry.

Opening the door for fans to express their love for specific characters and franchises and cultivating a sense of community with others who share similar interests. The continued excitement around their products is due to their quality and enthusiastically loyal brand community.  

Find your favorite character as a Figurekey™ here.

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